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EP067 Understanding the Love of God [Audio Version]

What is Love? That is a great question. The word love is used in so many ways that it becomes important to define what we mean by love. I went to to look up the word love. What I found surprised me. This blog post is part 1 of the series Eight Steps to […]

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EP065 God is Love: The Interrelationship of the Trinity [Audio Version]

Trying to explain how God can be one and also saying that God is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit can be quite a challenge. Our brains automatically try and check out and say, “Does not compute! Does not compute!”

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EP064 Do You Have Difficulty Explaining the Trinity? [Audio Version]

I’ve been studying the Bible for over 38 years now. I am constantly reading everything I can to better understand the word of God. One of the most difficult things I have encountered is trying to explain the Trinity.

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