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EP036 – Destroying Strongholds: Smashing Thoughts That Bind Pt 7 [audio version]

One of the most powerful weapons in our arsenal of prayer is praying in the spirit. I liken it to hitting the center of the bullseye. When we pray in the spirit we always hit our target.

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Ep035 – Destroying Strongholds: Smashing Thoughts That Bind Pt 6

Prayer matters. Prayer makes a difference. Prayer prepares the way. Prayer changes things. Prayer is powerful. Prayer is a weapon. Prayer breaks strongholds. Prayer is joining forces with God. Prayer brings blessing. Prayer releases life. Prayer brings heaven to earth. Prayer is a partner to action.

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Ep034 – Destroying Strongholds: Smashing Thoughts That Bind Pt 5

Prayer is powerful. More powerful than many believe.I say that because prayer meetings are the least attended service at most churches. If people actually believed in the power of prayer, they would join together and seek the face of the Lord for His will to be accomplished on the earth.

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EP030 – Destroying Strongholds: Smashing Thoughts that Bind [audio version]

Many people are unaware that there is a spiritual battle going on around them every day. Groups and individuals promoting their own thoughts and agendas that directly clash with the truth of Scripture. The Apostle Paul was aware of the battle and told the Corinthians the way that he approached the battle.

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EP029 – Brain Exchange: Learning to Think God’s Thoughts Part 2 [audio version]

Last week we looked at the first part of Romans 12:2. We learned how the world is trying to squeeze us into its mold. God has another plan, which is to transform us by renewing our minds.

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EP027 – The Antidote for Ungodly Beliefs: God’s Truth [audio version]

There is only one antidote to an ungodly belief, God’s truth. Anything other than God’s truth will limit the life of God in you. If you replace an ungodly belief with another ungodly belief, it will only change the form of bondage and not bring true freedom.

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