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Evidence of an Invisible World

Evidence of an Invisible World

There is more to the world than the eye can see. Life exists all around you, yet you are unaware. You are surrounded by an invisible world of microscopic organisms too small for your senses to detect.


You know they exist, but you couldn’t prove it without the help of a microscope. You can feel the air gently caressing your cheek. You can hear it blowing through the trees. You just can’t see it.

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In the Physical Realm

Some of the invisible things are very helpful and cause your life to prosper. Oxygen allows you to breathe and fuel your body with life-giving energy. Remove the molecules of oxygen from the atmosphere and within minutes you would perish.

White blood cells surge through your body attacking anything that may harm you. Remove the white blood cells from your body and there is no defense against sickness or disease.

Some of the invisible beings are harmful or dangerous and restrict your life and cause pain and suffering, even to the point of death. The HIV virus enters your life unseen. You might even go for years without experiencing any symptoms.

Slowly, but surely, the virus attacks the T cells to the point where your body is no longer able to protect itself. Your body is vulnerable and the virus begins to affect your overall health. If left untreated it will progress to full-blown AIDS and ultimately your death.

In the Spiritual Realm

Just as there is an invisible physical world around you, there is an invisible spiritual world that impacts your life. Unseen forces are at work in your life. As a microscope reveals the physical things of this world, so the Bible gives us insights into the unseen spiritual world around us.

God and the Angelic Realms

First and foremost in the spiritual realm is God. The Bible says that “God is Spirit, and those that worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24). No one has ever seen God (1 John 4:12), but we can see the works of His hand all around us.

God is the source of everything in the visible and invisible realm. He created all things through His Son, Jesus Christ. He created the heavens and the earth. He created the various angelic beings, the vast galaxies in the universe, plants, animals, and man.

The book of Genesis tells us that everything God created was very good. Everything in God’s creation was in harmony. There was no sin, no sickness, and no death. Only life and peace.

We can also see the effects of evil in the invisible spiritual realm. If God created everything so good, why is the world the way it is today?

Satan and the Demonic Realm

A rebellion took place in heaven. One of the angels, Lucifer, gathered one-third of the angels of heaven and sought to overthrow God. He wanted to be worshiped rather than to worship the God who created him.

God easily quelled the rebellion by casting Lucifer and his angels out of heaven. Opposed to God and on their own, they quickly degenerated into all sorts of evil. They hated God and everything He stood for.

Lucifer is better known in the Bible as Satan and the devil These two words describe who he is and what he does.

Satan means adversary. He fights against God and everything He holds dear. In his pride and arrogance, Satan will fight God until the very end when God judges him by casting him into the Lake of Fire.

The word devil means one who slanders or accuses. He is constantly slandering and accusing God. He is always trying to put God in a bad light so people will reject His ways. He also accuses people before God.

The fallen angels who were cast out of heaven are better known as demons, evil spirits, or unclean spirits. The focus is on who they are and what they do. They are unclean before God due to their rebellion and morally corrupt focusing on evil deeds that oppose God’s truth.

The demonic realm is not the only invisible source at work in our world. Let’s continue with the story and see what other forces are at work.

God Creates Man

Created to Rule

God created man in His image. Man was created to be in fellowship with God and with one another. He wanted this relationship to be free, which meant that Adam and Eve were created with the ability to choose.

God placed Adam and Eve in the garden and gave them a command to be fruitful and multiply and to rule over all the creatures of the earth. God’s plan was for them to expand and grow and rule with wisdom that came directly from Him.

Adam was to rule the earth under the leadership and direction of God. It was God Himself that gave Adam the right to rule. He was to exert his authority and bring all things into submission on the earth.

God gave Adam and Eve only one restriction. He said that they could eat of any tree in the garden, except one, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He then clearly warned them that if they ate of the tree, they would die.

Man’s Rule Tested

Things went along fine until one day a serpent entered the garden. He came to Eve and began to talk with her. Doing the work of a slanderer he told lies about God and sought to tempt Eve to disregard what God had said and disobey His word.

He began the conversation saying, “Indeed, has God said,’You shall not eat from any tree of the garden?” He wanted her to focus on the only tree God said she could not eat from.

She did focus on it. She told the serpent that they could eat from any tree they wanted to eat but the one in the middle of the garden. She said “God has said, ‘You shall not eat from it or touch it, lest you die.’”

The response of the serpent was immediate. He said, “You surely shall not die.” He directly contradicted God’s word. He was calling God a liar.

His direct confrontation of God’s word meant that Eve had a choice to make. Would she believe God? Or would she believe the serpent?

But the serpent was not through. He Said, “For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

He wanted to call God’s motives into account to make Eve feel that He was withholding something that was good for her. God was evil and purposely keeping her in the dark so He could have some sort of advantage over her. He did not want her to be like Him.

All this was too much for Eve. She looked at the tree in a new way. She saw that “the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was desirable to make one wise.”

This is the point where she should have rebuked the serpent and commanded him to leave the garden forever. She had the authority to do it from God, but she didn’t exercise it.

Instead she believed God was lying to her about dying if she ate the fruit. She believed the serpent’s slander about God’s character and desire to hold her back from becoming like Him. The serpent was questioning God’s goodness.

She looked at the tree and its fruit and in her own thinking could see all the benefits that would come from eating the fruit. Then she made her choice.

Man Fails the Test

She made a choice to follow the serpent over God. She made a choice to willfully disobey God. She chose her knowledge over God’s knowledge.

She took the fruit and ate of it. She also handed a piece to her husband who was with her. Adam ate the fruit and it changed the world we live in forever. Sin and death entered the world through one man and it spread to all men (see Rom. 5:12-21).

When Adam and Eve ate the fruit, their eyes were opened. They now knew good and evil. It was not at all what they were expecting.

Their sin brought about an instant change in their relationship with one another, their relationship with God, and their relationship with the demonic realm.

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About the Author

Terry Tuinder is the co-founder of Experiencing His Victory. His experience includes thirty-one years of pastoral ministry, an earned Doctor of Ministry degree from The King's University, and nineteen years involvement in deliverance ministry. He helps people grow in their relationship with God.

  • Vincent DiMino says:

    Eve submitted to temptation, failed to rebuke evil and handed the apple to Adam, who passively approved her decision and actively supported sin, and through him, evil entered the world. There’s a message hiding here I can’t quite define. Perhaps it has to do with the principle of “when two or more are gathered in My name”, but neither Eve, nor Adam had called out to the Lord our God. Somehow, it was Adam’s failure to act in rebuke of evil, in calling upon the Name of our Lord, that ceded his God given authority to the one who comes to ” kill, steal, and destroy”. Please explain further.

  • Hey Vince,

    I don’t think Adam and Eve had to call out to God for help. They just needed to stand in the authority that they already had from God. He gave rule over every creature on the earth, including the serpent. If they would have rebuked the enemy, it would have all been over, at least for the moment.

    Just like the enemy tempted Jesus. When he was rebuked, the Bible says he waited for an opportune time (Luke 4:13). If Adam and Eve had not given in this time, the enemy would have returned again and again.

    He did so with Jesus, but Jesus never gave in. Jesus never surrendered.

    One of the things we forget as believers is that God has given us authority. Once He gives us something, we don’t have to ask Him for it again, we just need to act upon it. Since we have authority to rebuke the devil, we don’t have to ask God to do it. We do it in Jesus’name.

    Hope that helps.

    • Vincent DiMino says:

      I’m trying to find the passage in the Law given through Moses, where if a man knows of his wife’s wrong statement, he can nullify it, but if he does not the sin falls on him. I’m still trying to get that extra bit of guidance as to why sin entered the world through Adam ?

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