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EP062 No Other God [Audio Version]

The first step in experiencing life as God intends it to be begins with examining your relationship with God. It is the foundational step upon which all the others depend. If your relationship with God is not right, then few, if any, of the blessings God desires for your life will be realized.

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EP061 Hungry For More? Then Read This [Audio Version]

They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. This post is my first step in providing a series of articles that are going to address the steps that you can take to experience life as God intends it to be.

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EP060 An Era is Coming to an End [Audio Version]

One era is coming to an end and another is about to begin!This is the last post in the series entitled Seven Invisible Barriers to Spiritual Growth. My original plan was to write a series of posts that would become a small 100-page book (about 25,000 words) by the same title. That isn’t what happened […]

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